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E11 Headphone Amplifier 


Brand: Fiio

Our Price: $64.99   $59.99

E11 is a high performance and portable headphone amplifier. Built in the high-performance power conditioner and amplifier, it can connect with kinds of audio players and mobile phones to amplify the audio signal. Also, it can increase the output power and improve the sound quality when connected to headphones. With small size, it is easy to carry.

Frequency Response  10~100KHz

Signal to Noise Ratio≥98dB; Crosstalk  60dB

Gain≥12dB(High); ≥6dB(Low); Total Harmonic Distortion<0.009%(10mW)

Maximum Output Power Voltage=H  300mW(16Ω); Voltage=L  120mW(16Ω)

Battery charge time200 min; Battery play hours: >10H

Size  92.5x 54.2x 13.4mm; Weight 65g (battery included)