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HM-602 Slim (8G) Portable Player

Department:Portable Players

Brand: HiFiMAN

Our Price: $399.00

Computer Audio (aka Digital Audio) is one of the hottest ways music lovers are enjoying their favorite music. High-speed internet has enabled high quality lossless music files. The little brother to HiFiMAN’s critically-acclaimed HM-801, the HM-602 is offers the company’s most affordable model yet offers a similar sonic signature with a superb D/A converter and headphone amplifier. With its handy high / low Gain switch, this player can drive both high efficiency IEM and most full size headphones. In addition, the HM-602 also can work as a USB DAC which is handy for use with a computer. Supplied with 8Gb memory which will provide storage for hundreds of songs. With The HM-602 can handle most music formats such as mp3, wav, flac, aac, ogg, wmv etc.  Remarkable performance at an affordable price.

It is well known that Non-oversampling dacs offer great sound for little money. HM-602 is the first portable player using non-oversampling DAC: Philips TDA-1543. As younger brother of HM-801,  HM-602 shares HM-801's great sound signature. To make it as portable as possible, HM-602 does not have amplifier modular design. However, its headphone amp part is very similar to HM-801's standard module. To drive both high impedance and low impedance headphones, HM-602 with the high / low Gain switch can drive both high efficiency IEM and most full size headphones.  In addition, HM-602 also can work as a USB DAC.

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To US, Canada and Russia: USPS
To any other countries: International Express mail (EMS, UPS, DHL or Fedex)

Warranty Policy:
30 days refund: shipping cost is not refundable.
1 year replacement.
The cost to ship a product back to us for repair, replacement, refund, exchange or upgrade is the responsibility of the consumer. The cost to return the product to the consumer is the responsibility of Head Direct/HiFiman

D/A Chip: TDA1543
LPF Op-amp: OP275, OPA2604
Headphone Amplifier Op-amp: OPA2107
Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz
Distortion: 0.09%
S/N: 92 DB
Stereo crosstalk: 74 DB (Lineout)
Headphone Amplifier
Output level: 1.1v at 32 Ohm; 2.2v at 150 Ohm
Max Output: 30mw at 32 Ohm; 26mw at 150 Ohm
Size: 62mm*103mm*26.5mm or 2.4 * 4.05 * 1.04 Inch
Weight: About 200g / 7Oz
On board Flash: 8GB
Battery time: 9 to 10 Hrs
I / O: Headphone Output; Line Output; USB Data Exchange; USB DAC Input; SD card (up to 32GB)